MilkSafe™ antibiotic test kits

The MilkSafe™ range of high-quality tests for dairy antibiotic residues and equipment detects the most common antibiotic residues. All MilkSafe™ tests are validated by an external third-party laboratory (ILVO1). After incubating you can interpret the results either visually or by reader.

MilkSafe™ equipment and digital services enable antibiotic testing at various locations in the milk value chain:

  • At the farm: A Mini Incubator allows the farmer to visually interpret and quickly control for antibiotic residues in milk.
  • On the truck: A Portable Reader enables precise testing of antibiotic residues during transportation. Combined with the MilkSafe™ App, the test results are stored in a cloud-based data management solution.
  • In the laboratory: A Desktop Reader and a Data Manager enable reader-based interpretation of antibiotics tests.

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