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Starter cultures for bioprotection

Bioprotection with bioprotective cultures

Bioprotection is a natural way to protect against spoilage and harmful contamination in food. This not only helps you to keep your products fresh and safe, it also helps you to build and protect your brand!

dairy with bioprotective cultures

FreshQ® cultures are natural food cultures selected especially to protect dairy products. FreshQ® helps to prevent spoilage, extends shelf life and protects the goodness of your fresh dairy and cheese products – even after it has been opened.

Reduce scrap
FreshQ® helps control yeast and mold contamination enabling increased consistency in quality, lowering the amount of retained and scrapped production batches

Meet consumer demand
FreshQ® enables great consistent quality while meeting consumer demand for natural and healthier food with less artificial ingredients.

The cultures come in several versions specifically targeting fresh dairy and cheese applications.

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