Снимка на културите за директно инокулиране

Benefits of Direct Vat Set® cultures in fresh dairy production

Starter cultures for direct inoculation have revolutionized fermented milk production around the world, and Novonesis (previously Chr. Hansen) is at the forefront of this innovation with our Direct Vat Set (DVS®) cultures. There are numerous good reasons for dairy manufacturers for using DVS® cultures – the following are the most common:


With DVS® starter cultures, producers can eliminate the bulk starter propagation steps and critical control points, simplifying the entire HACCP setup. Our DVS® cultures can be used directly from the freezer and added straight to the milk vat, reducing the complexity.


Novonesis’s DVS® cultures are blends of well-defined and controlled strains, ensuring that every batch of yogurt has the same flavor, texture, and quality. The ratios of strains in each pouch of DVS® cultures are carefully designed to optimize performance, ensuring that each strain grows at the right rate and provides the desired texture and aroma.

Food safety

DVS® cultures offer a higher degree of food safety. The cultures are tested for microbiological contaminants before shipment, ensuring that they are safe for use in dairy production.

Cost saving

DVS® cultures from YOFLEX® and NU-TRISH® ranges can create in fresh dairy products high texture naturally, reducing the need for additional skim milk powder that might be added when bulk starter cultures are used. This can result in significant cost savings for dairy manufacturers.

Consumer value

With DVS® cultures, dairy manufacturers can produce yogurt with consistent flavor, texture, and appearance every time, providing consumers with a better experience.

Novonesis’s DVS® cultures provide a simpler, more consistent, safer, and cost-effective alternative to traditional bulk starter propagation methods. With its continued innovation Novonesis is the leading supplier of high-performance direct inoculation culture system for today’s dairy industry – and tomorrow’s.

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