CHY-MAX® SUPREME – The newest, most precise and superior coagulant in the market

Focused on rising the industry standard for coagulant performance, Chr. Hansen makes a small but crucial change to the CHY-MAX® enzyme. This leads to a big difference across cheese production and functionality.

The latest and greatest addition to the CHY-MAX® portfolio, CHY-MAX® Supreme’s exact and precise performance enables cheese makers to obtain:

Maximized value

  • CHY-MAX® Supreme is the outstanding performer in the market-leading CHY-MAX® range
  • Yield increase of 0.5-1% on average per ton1
  • More product from less milk delivering a higher profit margin

Suprerior functionality

  • Produce thinly sliced and grated cheese with a low protein breakdown due to the reduced proteolysis.
  • Faster slicing means thin slices with up to 10% more cheese processed per day.

Faster and more precise production

CHY-MAX® Supreme reduces proteolysis enabling:

Faster slicingLonger shelf lifeLess paper dividersLess starch for shredded

Getting the most value out of your precious resources, milk and time, is the big difference CHY-MAX® Supreme can deliver for you.

  • Faster coagulation: Increased number of tanks in less time
  • High specificity coagulation: More cheese from your milk
  • Reduced proteolysis: Faster precision slicing with less giveaways

See better slicing in action:

Interested in more information for CHY-MAX® Supreme? Check here.

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