Закваски за месо от Novonesis

Get more out of your meat 

In an increasingly competitive food market where rising costs and shrinking margins are a common challenge, it’s crucial for businesses to find solutions that can help them to become more productive. The meat industry, in particular, is under growing pressure as the cost of raw materials rise and inflation makes affordability more important than ever. However, amidst these challenges lies an opportunity for meat producers to enhance their productivity, trim excesses, and focus on improvements that can drive efficiency. With Novonesis (previously Chr. Hansen)’s innovative solutions, even small changes can lead to significant value improvements.

Small changes can have a big impact

While there are many ways to reduce costs, compromising on quality is nonnegotiable. By incorporating a Novonesis culture into your recipe, you can improve the value without compromising on quality. These cultures enhance flavor, improve color, and reduce food waste, all while representing just 1-2% of total production costs. With a simple tweak, you can make a substantial difference.

… and improve your sustainability profile

Optimizing productivity goes hand in hand with improving sustainability. By streamlining production processes and reducing waste throughout the value chain, you can achieve greater efficiency and minimize your environmental impact. With cultures that keep food safe from contaminants through fermentation, improve yield and reduce processing times, you can get more output from the same amount of inputs. By this you can lighten your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Process optimization with FermaSens™

In ongoing commitment to provide value to its customers, Novonesis is proud to introduce FermaSens™ – a digital solution that revolutionizes salami culture trials. FermaSens™ is a modern solution for pH and temperature measurement that collects real-time data to better understand and optimize the production process. This device not only can help you shorten the fermentation process but also showcases the benefits of using cultures. With its quick and hassle-free installation at the customer’s site, FermaSens™ is a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and achieving superior results in salami production.

Interested in learning more?

The cultures harness the power of nature to help producers increase capacity, improve yield, and reduce waste, all while improving the quality of their products to keep customers coming back for more. Contact your local sales representative and explore how Novonesis’s products can help your business with optimized productivity, enabling you to get more out of less.

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