Selection™ starter cultures for artisanal dairy products

Selection™ starter cultures – Chr. Hansen’s new product range for artisanal producers

Chr. Hansen’s new product range aims to raise the bar for dairy craftsmanship among small-batch, artisanal producers

Selection™ starter cultures for artisanal dairy products

Demand for artisanal, local, and handcrafted foods is experiencing steady growth

Consumer interest in foods considered to be artisanal is on the rise. Artisanal producers who are able to combine superior craftsmanship and a differentiated range with quality across their product batches can gain a competitive advantage that sets them apart in the marketplace. At a time when supporting small businesses and the local economies they nurture is more important than ever, we are proud to contribute our heritage of collaboration with the dairy industry to the work of artisanal producers.

Wide range of Selection™ cultures for limitless possibility across cheese and fresh dairy

Chr. Hansen’s new launch of Selection™ cultures represents a new chapter of partnership with small-scale producers, designed to support the artisanal production of cheese and fresh dairy.

The Selection™ culture range is comprised of cultures designed specifically for cheese applications and those ideal for fresh dairy. The Selection™ range for cheese includes mesophilic and thermophilic blends, offering a variety of acidification speeds, flavor outcomes, gas production levels, and ripening speeds. Potential applications range from mature gouda, Edam, brie, to goat and sheep’s milk cheese. Various soft cheeses, such as mozzarella, Camembert, Mediterranean cheese, cottage cheese, and white brine cheese are also options, underscoring the versatility of the Selection™ portfolio.

For fresh dairy, Selection™ culture options are available for stirred, set, drinking, and separated yogurt, as well as crème fraiche, sour cream, and kefir. The portfolio offers a variety of outcomes for flavor, gel firmness, mouth thickness, acidity, post-acidification, and fermentation speed.

Selection™ starter cultures – Chr. Hansen’s new product range for artisanal producers
Selection™ has been designed and packaged to meet the unique needs of artisanal producers

The Selection™ cultures are available in freeze-dried form, and in packs designed to align with vat sizes between 25 and 200 liters. This makes them ideal for small-batch production. In the Selection™ range you will find coagulant solutions suitable for different applications, including Naturen® Premium 145 for traditional cheesemaking and CHY-MAX® M for more modern applications. These enzymes work to coagulate the milk and play an important role in texture and aroma development during the ripening process.

Chr. Hansen’s launch of Selection™ is accompanied by the publication of a custom recipe book, which aims to inspire new innovation among producers while offering them proven approaches backed by Chr. Hansen’s experience in perfecting the fermentation process.

You can order Selection™ starter cultures here: Farmers and artisanal production

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