glass of wine-wine bioprotection with Viniflora

Wine bioprotection

Bioprotection is a natural way to inhibit microbial contaminants (yeast, mold and bacteria). Use wine bioprotection for your wine production.

This biocontrol – wine bioprotection not only helps you to prevent flavor defects, it also helps you to build and protect your brand!

  • Bioprotection is the art of using natural microbial food cultures to inhibit unwanted contaminants – preventing food spoilage or enhancing food safety.
  • Fermentation by food cultures has been known from ancient times as a natural way of preserving food.
  • We use our superior knowledge of food microbiology to identify and select the best of the good bacteria to be used for bioprotection.
  • Bioprotection enhances the effectiveness of a good sanitation program but is never an alternative to good cleaning and hygienic design of the production

Viniflora® cultures are natural food cultures selected especially to control fermentation processes preserving the varietal character of the grapes. Viniflora® helps to prevent the growth of undesirable flora and protects the flavor potential of the wine during its maturation. 

Viniflora® cultures can benefit you in three distinct ways:

  • Keep the label clean with no added SO– or else minimize its use

If you improve quality and consistency the natural way, you can keep your label clean. Use Viniflora® to make sure your wines are appreciated by as many people as possible, reducing the use of SO2 in your wine.

  • Take control

Use Viniflora® bioprotective cultures for wine protection to make sure there is no deviation in the process and to keep your wine character, from vintage to vintage.

  • Improve your bottom line

Use Viniflora® bioprotective cultures for wine protection to help increase your profitability by getting the best out of the grapes.

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